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Stained glass, lead, metal, paint
10" diameter 
Edition of 25

There are 86,400 seconds in a day. This measurement of time is written forwards and backwards twice over in the title, forming a palindrome that mimics the kinetic symmetry found in this mobile-like artwork. Maltese creates a rotating pictoral game in reference to Rubin’s vase illusion, a well-known optical exercise in figure/ground relationships. A stained glass vase is suspended within a circular metal armature that wears embellishments alluding to the face of a clock. Like a drawing in space, sunlight passes through the stained glass to produce a kaleidoscopic relationship with its environment. Throughout the day, people, places and things become part of the work, capturing time within the composition of the circular frame.

Produced by Casey House as their 2016 Gallery of Patrons Limited Edition.

To purchase the edition, call (416) 962-4040 ext. 4000. All proceeds go to Casey House

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