An edge between appears to be a boundary for some
Halsey McKay Gallery, East Hampton, NY

2014/12/20 - 2015/01/22


VANESSA MALTESE: Is it clear what you are doing?
VANESSA MALTESE: Not entirely. At this point I am just trying to get it all down on paper.
VM: I don’t see any paper here.
VM: No, neither do I.
VM: But there is a use of line that speaks to drawing.
VM: Yes, and a use of paint that speaks to painting.
VM: The primary surface shows here through a set of lines that form a pattern.
VM: And the pattern alludes to some sort of hidden three dimensional mass.
VM: Exactly. And if the lines are the raw ground? VM: Then the paint must be the figure.
VM “Must” is a very sure word in this case.
VM:  You are right, I actually find these surfaces very perplexing.
VM: Do you think this is deliberate?
VM:  Well, yes, deliberate in attempt to understand form and then to misunderstand it again.
VM: Is form all you are attempting to understand?
VM:  Well, no, colour and line are also in question, among other things.
VM: There is a lot of repetition in these works.
VM: Well, I guess you could say a story is never told just once.

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