Vanessa Maltese (b. 1988) lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

COOPER COLE, 1134 Dupont Street, Toronto, ON, M6H 2A2, Canada

BFA, OCAD U, Toronto, ON, 2010

2021    Fact or Fiction, COOPER COLE, Toronto, ON
2018    How long is a piece of string?, Night Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2018    Same corner, same juys, same line of work, Canon Project Wall - Hamilton Artists Inc, Hamilton, ON 
2016    company, Nicelle Beauchene Gallery, NY
2016    Birds flew down to peck at the painted grapes, COOPER COLE, Toronto, ON
2015    An edge between appears to be a boundary for some, Halsey Mckay, East Hampton, NY
2014    wallwallwallwall, In The Pines, Jackson, WY
2014    The Compleat Gamester, COOPER COLE, Toronto, ON
2012    Two-fold Tally, Erin Stump Projects, Toronto, ON
2011     sum forms, Erin Stump Projects, Toronto, ON

2020    A View Without A Room - two person exhibition with Michelle Grabner, Mickey, Chicago, IL
2019    Small Paintings, Corbett vs Dempsey, Chicago, IL
2019    Heads, McIntosh Gallery, London, ON 
2018    THE ANNOTATED READER (contributor), touring exhibition and publication by Jonathan P Watts & Ryan Gander
2018    The Other Side, The Power Plant, Toronto, ON
2017    As her fate, she accepted the world of ice, shining, shimmering, dead (The Island), PUDDLING - Organized by
            Connor Olthuis and Caleb Dunham, The Island, ON
2017    extra-cultural surprise - organized by Eric Ruschman, Shane Campbell Gallery, Chicago, IL
2017    Homestead, Carl Louie, London, ON
2016    All Right Already, Artport Gallery at Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, ON
2016    XYZ, Greenpoint Terminal Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2016    Showroom, Art Museum at the University of Toronto - curated by Sarah Robayo Sheridan, Toronto, ON
2015    Jonathan Gardner // Vanessa Maltese, Nicelle Beauchene Gallery, New York, NY, 2015
             the Great Outdoors, Garden Avenue, Toronto, ON
2014    paravent, 535 First Street, London, ON
2013    Endless Vacation, COOPER COLE, Toronto, ON
2013    More Than Two (Let It Make Itself), The Power Plant - curated by Micah Lexier, Toronto, ON
2013    No Dull Affairs, Onsite [at] OCAD U, Toronto, ON
2013    The Kitchen, Soi Fischer, Toronto, ON
2012    RBC Canadian Painting Competition, The Power Plant, Toronto, ON
2010    Conduits, The Senate Gallery, Toronto, ON, 2010

2019    Matching sticks, Paul + Wendy Projects, Toronto, ON
2019    Pet rock, 2019 Gattuso Edition - published by C Magazine, Toronto, ON
2018    CLUES, book edition with support from Glenfiddich AiR Program, Scotland/Canada
2017    ruler - 3 inches / ruler - 7 centimetres / ruler - 2 inches, Paul + Wendy Projects, Toronto, ON
2016    86400-00468-86400-00468, Gallery of Patrons Limited Edition 2016 - Art With Heart, Toronto, ON
2016    2013-2015 – Vanessa Maltese - artist monograph, published by COOPER COLE, Toronto, Canada
2016    Sterling Road, organized by Lili Huston-Herterich, Vanessa Maltese and Abby McGuane
2015    cold read, print edition with Paul + Wendy Projects, Toronto, ON
2015    Several Observations, book edition with Slow Editions, Toronto, ON
2014    Ornament Swatch, edition with Nothing Else Press, Toronto, ON
2013    band-aid, Superframe - Portrait and Landscape signage project, Toronto, ON

2020   Mid Career Artist Grant, Ontario Arts Council, ON
2020   The TOArtist Covid Response Fund, ON
2020   Travel Grant, Canada Council for the Arts, ON
2019    Visual Artist Grant, Toronto Art Council, ON
2018    Mid Career Artist Grant, Ontario Arts Council
2016    Visual Artist Grant, Toronto Arts Council
2016    Emerging Artist Grant, Ontario Arts Council
2015    Merit-based grant, Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT
2014    Visual Artists Project Grant, Canada Council for the Arts,
2014    Emerging Artist Grant, Ontario Arts Council
2012    Emerging Visual Artists Grant, The Toronto Arts Council
2012    RBC - National prize, 14th Annual RBC Painting Competition
2010    OCAD U – Drawing & Painting Medalist Award, Toronto, ON
2010    OCAD U – Nora E. Vaughan Award, Toronto, ON
2010    OCAD U - Tony Caldwell Scholarship, Toronto, ON
2010    OCAD U – Owen W. Wilson Memorial Award, Toronto, ON
2010    OCAD U - Catherine Daigle Award, Toronto, ON
2010    OCAD U - Marsh Urquhart Memorial Scholarship, Toronto, ON

2013    Conversations from the Toronto Art World – Panel Discussion with Georgia Dickie and Lili Huston-Herterich,
            University of Toronto, Toronto, ON
2013    Artist Talk for No Dull Affairs, Onsite [at] OCAD U, Toronto, ON
2013    In Studio: Jeremy Laing & Vanessa Maltese, initiated by Mercer Union, Toronto, ON
2013    Painting Today, Beyond The Canvas – Panel Discussion with Nicole Collins and Francine Savard, Varley Art
            Gallery, Markham, ON

2021   Hudson, Suzanne, Contemporary Painting - World of Art Series , Thames & Hudson
2019    Hudson, Suzanne, Review - Vanessa Maltese, Night Gallery, Artforum, March
2016    Tomic, Milena. Vanessa Maltese & Nathalie du Pasquier. Frieze, October
2016    Syme, Alison. Vanessa Maltese, Cooper Cole Gallery. Artforum, October 2016, p. 279
2014    Vanessa Maltese - Interview with Micah Lexier - Photography by Aaron Wynia, Bad Day, Issue 18
2014    Clarke, Bill. Exhibition Reviews - Vanessa Maltese, The Compleat Gamester, Magenta Magazine, Spring
2013    Soi, Lucas. Material Matters: A Roundtable Discussion with Five Promising Toronto Artists,Magenta Magazine, Vol. 4, No. 2, Summer
2013    Clarke, Bill. Vanessa Maltese: Two-Fold Tally, Erin Stump Projects -- Review, C Magazine, Issue 117, "Translation", Spring
2012    Gunn, Andrew. In the Confines of Painting--Interview, Canadian Interviews, September
2012    Berube, Chris. The RBC Canadian Painting Competition interview series--Interview, The Walrus, November

2023   International Randall Chair in Painting - Alfred University, Alfred, NY
2018    Glenfiddich Canadian Artist in Residence, Dufftown, Scotland
2015    Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT, January
2014    In The Pines - Residency preceding solo project - wallwallwallwall, Jackson, WY
2013    Soi Fischer Thematic Residency with Artie Vierkant, Gibraltar Point, Toronto Island, ON

2017    NADA w/ COOPER COLE, New York
2014    NADA w/ COOPER COLE, Miami Beach
2014    Material Art Fair w/ COOPER COLE, Mexico City, Mexico
2012    Papier13 w/ ESP, Montreal, Canada

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Metropolitan Museum of Art - Library Collection
First Capital Realty
Bank of Montreal
Royal Bank of Canada
TD Canada Trust

With thanks to the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council


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