Duped by the grapes

oil on panel, powder coated steel, wood, magnets, 2018

Duped by the grapes was exhibited in How long is a piece of string? (2018 - 2019) held at Night Gallery in Los Angeles. Duped by the grapes brings into context the ancient Greek story of the trompe l’oeil painting competition staged between, Zeuxis and Parrhasius. According to Pliny the Elder, the contest was staged to determine who was more skilled. Zeuxis’ still life painting of fruits was said to have fooled birds into trying to eat the rendered grapes. Parrhasius however, was able to fool Zeuxis himself with his rendering of a tattered curtain, thus, deeming him the winner of the competition.

The wooden shapes dotting the edges of the painting are attached to the frame with magnets. Visitors are invited to reconfigure the magnets, therefore rendering the composition permanently unfixed.